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Plants & Products

They are a great way of bringing the outdoors in, even if you have a small outside garden.


Our glasshouse contains a jungle of plants, tumbling off the shelves and dripping from the ceiling.  Take a wander through and see what you find.

Pots – A stylish range of outdoor containers and indoor pots, in various sizes


Organic compost – Hand filled onsite into reusable sacks, to help reduce plastic waste


Bird feed – a classic no grow, no waste mix


Organic fertilisers


A range of sundry items and unusual garden ornaments


Seasonal plant gifts


Whether you want a low-maintenance garden, something architectural and stylish, or simply year-round colour, we can help. We source our plants from the B&NES Council nursery team, who grow many of them on site, so they have only travelled a few metres to get here.

Our selection includes annuals, perennials, edibles and herbs.  We also specialise in container grown plants for window boxes and small courtyard gardens.


We have some exciting and unusual plants in our display beds, which were designed by a local company Rosie Nottage Garden Design. Each bed has a matching plan for your container and window box, so you can get an integrated look across your garden.



We all love a houseplant or two (or ten!)

The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath
The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath

Gardening has never been so easy!


Plants from our display beds are available to buy alongside each one, and with every purchase you get a free planting plan.

Outdoor Plants


Everything else we sell

The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath
The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath

Follow the Bee | The Urban Garden Centre Bath
The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath

The Urban Garden

Marlborough Buildings, Bath BA1 2LZ 


Opening times:

9.30am – 5pm Tuesday-Saturday

11am-4pm Sundays

Find Us:

The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath
The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath
The Urban Garden

The Urban Garden | Garden Centre Bath



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The Urban Garden

Great! We are looking for people with some knowledge of gardening to help in the garden centre. Please contact us for further details.

Interested in getting involved? 


Just a short walk from the centre of Bath, we are in the heart of Royal Victoria Park. Our entrance is on the corner of Marlborough Buildings and Royal Avenue. There is free 1 hour parking nearby in Victoria Park (remember to get a ticket) and we have staff who can help load your car from our entrance.


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